Learn How to Crochet with These Free Online Courses

It’s time to crochet! Turning a ball of yarn into an alluring piece of cloth is no less than magic. But it seems like the people with good hands in creativity and art are the born magicians who can turn this into reality in the form of knitting and crochet.

Even though both knitting and crochet comprise the use of yarn, both are slightly different in style and patterns. However, when it comes to learning and picking one as a hobby, considering crochet is picture-perfect because of less involvement of tools and techniques.

One of the versatile activities – Crochet, is a little complex but can be grasped by an individual of any age with the help of the best sources. If you are an eager-beaver to learn crochet, here we present the top 5 online courses that are not merely convenient but free to access.

Learn How to Crochet with These Free Online Courses

How To Crochet For Absolute Beginners – Bella Coco

If you are starting from scratch and have no idea about the concept of crochet, How To Crochet For Absolute Beginners by Bella Coco is for you. Bella Coco is a YouTube Channel that helps learn the basics of crochet and presents you with a chance to boost your creative skills.

Offered by a UK-based entrepreneur, it is a course segmented into five videos which are 7 – 15 minutes each. After knowing the best selection of yarn to understand every basic detail like crochet methods and techniques to change color, etc, you will be able to transform the learning into reality in a fun way. 

To a little more surprise, Bella Coco also has its online store where you can buy the colorful yarns and everything needed to create beautiful crochet.

How To Crochet For Complete Beginners – Crocheting

How To Crochet For Complete Beginners is a specialized course meant for one who aims to learn crochet in simple steps. Presented by the blossoming spring of knowledge that is crocheting, this super-creative course can be availed for free.

Starting with the teaching of basic techniques, it provides you the chance to try your hand at creating beautiful shapes and patterns. On learning these, you will be soon able to make complex crochet patterns with much grace.

All you need to have your own materials like yarn, needles, and crochet hooks to harness the lessons in the form of a website, video series, and ebook. The course also involves in-between projects and a final test to evaluate everything you have learned throughout. 

Crochet Gentle Waves Blanket – The Crochet Crowd

Yet another way to enjoy free crochet training by both beginners and intermediate is Crochet Gentle Waves Blanket by The Crochet Crowd. It is a video-based tutorial that will help you create a beautiful blanket for your comfortable and wonderful winters.

Available for free, the tutorial makes you learn the stitchwork and the number of stitches required to crochet the pretty patterned blanket. With this, you can learn things like a tight stitch, foundation chain, and maintaining cleanliness in edges. 

How To Crochet A Stuffie – Yarnspirations

How To Crochet A Stuffie by Yarnspirations is a creative course meant for both beginners and one seeking advanced skills. It is a how-to guide that will let you be a pro in creating beautiful patterns.

Yarnspirations is one of the major yarn companies that deal in the trading of branded yarns. Along with this, it also presents educational content to help the creative enthusiast learn basic and advanced skills in easy steps. How To Crochet a Stuffie is one such guide that you can access for free.

Crochet School – Craftyminx

If you are looking for top-notch content to grasp the concept of crochet in detail, the Crochet School guide by Craftyminx is perfect. There are a total of 23 lessons for both basics and advanced learning along with the table of content in front for easy accessibility. 

The course is led by one of the top instructors who shares some useful tips and knowledge to add the touch of extra creativity to your crochet time. Surprisingly, the course is completely free but comprises the option where you can make a donation using the donate button. 

Learn How to Crochet with These Free Online Courses

In A Nutshell

Crochet is the activity loved by folks who believe in creating something beautiful with their essence of creativity. If you are one of those big-time creative fanatics, you can learn crochet or enhance your skills with the aforesaid online courses. Thus, sign up for any of your favorites to take the flight of imagination. Happy creativity!