Garena Free Fire: Discover How to Get Free Skins Quickly

The PUBG revolution has led to the development of several similar games. But not all of these games are as popular as Garena Free Fire. This game has created stiff competition for other multiplayer survival shooter games. 

The player has to kill all the other players to win. No story or other gameplay is required. It is as simple as it gets when it comes to the storyline. There are 50 players, and everyone is out there for the blood. 

Within this survival game, the skins are widely coveted among players. Acquire more skins, and you will be thriving in this multiplayer game. Acquire more skins for free with the methods below. Read on to learn more.

Garena Free Fire: Discover How to Get Free Skins Quickly
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What Is Garena Free Fire All About?

You have 10 minutes, and in that time, you need to survive the rampage of attacks as players get killed off one by one. The objective of the game is pretty straightforward; you need to survive, kill, and win. 

As a player, you may have to team up with fellow players and strategize against other players to win the game.

The players are encouraged to buy new weapons, skins, and other associated items with real currency or in-game currency won from the game. 

There are missions and events to give an authentic and real gaming experience to players on mobile. 

Features Of The Game

Garena is a multiplayer game with 50 players playing at once on the same map from all across the world. It is built by Unity Technologies and works on Android and iOS devices.

In a short time after its introduction, Garena has become one of the industry’s top games. There are a ton of guns and weapons in the game that unlock as the levels progress. 

The gameplay is pretty simple, and the best thing about this game is that if you are looking for great performance, then Garena is the best choice. 

However, in doing so, you might have to compromise with the graphic quality. Despite this, Garena Free Fire had 500 million downloads by February 2020. 

Are Skins Important In Garena Free Fire?

Skins might not help improve the performance of the player, but they certainly enhance the gaming experience. They bring a certain level of thrill and excitement to the user when playing with different characters. 

You can get skins in exchange for diamonds in the game. However, the diamonds are not free; you have to pay for them with money. Well – usually you have to pay with fiat money; there are also some free methods to get you there, too.

How To Get Skins In Garena Free Fire For Free

Garena Free Fire: Discover How to Get Free Skins Quickly
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The quickest way to get free skins is by completing certain events. The events are held recurrently in the game, and there are some tasks or missions to complete in the events. 

Sometimes the tasks are as simple as daily logins for a specified number of days. Other times, you will be tasked to kill a certain number of players with a specific gun or on a map, etc. 

The motive is to encourage players to explore every aspect of the game and then get rewarded in return. Events may be the quickest method to get rewards, but they are not prompt. 

Plus, if you miss the event date, then participating in tasks like daily logins might not work. 

Special Methods

Another method to get free skins is by getting the redeemable codes from the social media channels of Garena Free Fire. 

You might find some unique codes given in Facebook posts, which can be redeemed via the Free Fire redemption center. 

Lastly, you can get free skins with the help of free Elite passes. Paid Elite passes are incredible, but the free Elite passes also provide several skins and other game items. Regularly, Elite Passes in the game cost almost 500 diamonds, and the Elite Bundle costs about 1,000 Diamonds.

To get the pass for free, though, you can complete Google Opinion Rewards surveys and use your resulting Play Store credits to purchase the Elite Pass. 


Garena Free Fire is one of the top games in its niche. It is a great game creating tough competition against PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and Call of Duty (mobile). 

Although the gameplay of these games is similar, certain elements make them different—weapons, maps, points, and of course, the coveted skins that set each game apart. Follow our best tips above for gathering free skins today!